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Public speaking expert nationwide

Do you want your guests to be engaged and sympathetic to your cause? Then contact me at Hope 5 Ltd. I am a public speaking expert based in the United Kingdom.

Transformation speaking

Whatever the cause you are fighting, your battle is half won if your audience is engaged and persuaded. Public speaking is that art that rallies people’s interest solely by the power of the presentation. So, whether it is an environmental campaign you are holding or a personality development session, even a civil discussion on human rights, I could be of great value to you. I have the ability to drive home the point, stimulate and influence my audience. Hope 5 Ltd takes pride in having a Public Speaker with experience establishing and developing services in healthcare settings - a Public Speaker that has skills and sound knowledge in audits, research and benchmarking services in order to ensure that every presentation given is evidence-based.

My public speaking can be utilised for

Motivational talks

Career counselling

Health care counselling

Dias speaking and many more

Experienced Orator

Most often, positive words are enough to boost audience interest. I have experience in speaking to individuals from different backgrounds and found that we can always find an instant connect with some or the other common human trait. I have toured around countries like Italy and the USA to deliver motivational talks, as well as personality development and leadership speeches. Email me today if you need a motivational public speaker to talk for your cause.

Get the public speaking expert to engage your audience

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Awards & Recognitions

  • Winner Tony Fuller Cup (2016)
  • Finalist Healthcare Transformation Awards (2017)
  • Finalist Nurse Leader of the Year- Nursing Times Awards 2017
  • Winner Embrace Stars (2017) for establishing successful RSV Nurse-led Clinic in UK
  • PPLOG Finalist for Innovation in Primary Care - Healthcare Transformation Awards (2018)


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