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A trusted public speaker nationwide

The expert at Hope 5 Ltd can help with your personality development. Hope 5 Ltd specialises in Public Speaking, Change Management and building visible Leadership style within the workplace environment. Get in touch for more details.

An inspirational speaker

Welcome to Hope 5 Ltd. I specialise in public and transformation speaking and building leadership within the healthcare sector. With many years of experience, I have won many awards for my motivational and inspirational speaking across the UK. If are looking to create awareness about your health care brand or any other project, I can help you by conveying your message to the community successfully. Get in touch to find out more!

Creating awareness

Need help motivating your audience at your upcoming healthcare event? Then, it is important to choose the right person who can do this for you. I have many years of experience in public speaking and can help you with new projects by going in regularly and speaking to the community. I have also worked overseas in Italy and the USA for public speaking, inspiring and motivational talks. The role of Hope 5 Ltd is to empower individuals to achieve beyond their limitations, by providing professional and high-quality guidance at minimum costs.

Helping you build good relationships

Huge thank you for your support and hard work at the Mini Embrace meeting last week. The meeting would not have run so well without you there!

- DoubleTree by Hilton, London

Very thorough and motivational talk about RSV prophylaxis & implementation of an effective programme. 

- RSV Round Table Meeting

Public speaking expertise

As a Public Speaker and a specialist healthcare professional it has been possible to present in Turkey, USA, Italy and the whole of the UK. I have a proven track record of being published in various health care journals, chairing meetings, and being part of various working groups. I have received awards in recognition of the drive to deliver only the best.

Need coaching and personality development?

Do you need a public speaker to spread your health awareness message to the community nationwide? Email me with your details today!

Awards & Recognitions

  • Winner Tony Fuller Cup (2016)
  • Finalist Healthcare Transformation Awards (2017)
  • Finalist Nurse Leader of the Year- Nursing Times Awards 2017
  • Winner Embrace Stars (2017) for establishing successful RSV Nurse-led Clinic in UK
  • PPLOG Finalist for Innovation in Primary Care - Healthcare Transformation Awards (2018)


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