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Health care counselling nationwide

Do you need a public speaker who can inspire and motivate your community? Then look no further than Hope 5 Ltd. I can help your new projects to reach the target community by going and speaking with them regularly, anywhere across the UK.

Healthcare speaking services

A single, positive word can be more potent than you might think! Positive and motivational talks bring about a visible change in individuals who have suffered poor health. I have the experience to influence positive change in long-standing inmates in care homes and hospitals. It is a heartening experience for me as well as my audience to talk about the life in general. Call me to organise a talk at any health care facility.

Public speaking expertise

My consultations are tailored to suit your requirements. I can support you over a week or a month on a regular basis, set up projects with you based on your needs. Whether you are running a hospital or a local clinic and need help in communicating with the community, you can trust me to help your project reach them efficiently. Email me to find out more.

Friendly and approachable

During my travels across countries and the experiences I had there, I understood that public speaking is not merely a talent, it is a continuously growing tool to influence many other lives. I adopt a friendly style that helps me engage with audiences of any age-group, and have them talking too. Contact me if you want to arrange a healthcare public speaking session.

Need a speaker to talk about health care?

Email Hope 5 Ltd today to discuss your requirements.

Awards & Recognitions

  • Winner Tony Fuller Cup (2016)
  • Finalist Healthcare Transformation Awards (2017)
  • Finalist Nurse Leader of the Year- Nursing Times Awards 2017
  • Winner Embrace Stars (2017) for establishing successful RSV Nurse-led Clinic in UK
  • PPLOG Finalist for Innovation in Primary Care - Healthcare Transformation Awards (2018)


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